Genesight Testing

Anxiety and Depression
Are your medications effective?

Are you one of the 15 million Americans treated for anxiety and/or depression?  Have you tried multiple medications?  More than 70% of patient have failed one or more antidepressants.  Have you had a side effect from medications?

Lifeways Clinic Practitioners now offer genetic testing for psychotropic medications.

Did you know that some side effects are a direct result of how you metabolize the medication?  Genesight allows us to analyze if you are a normal metabolizer, ultra-rapid metabolizer, intermediate metabolizer or poor metabolizer per each drug that can guide us in dosing changes.Genesight Testing at LifewaysWhat is Genesight Testing?

Genesight testing can save an average patient greater than $1000/year.  It is a buccal swab that collects DNA sample from you check.  It is sent off to the lab to be analyzed for up 55 different medications looking at pharmokinetics (how your body breaks down the drug) and pharmodynamics (how the drug acts on the body) and drug to gene interactions.

Genesight provides an individualized care plan and outline of medications that genetically may suit you.  Not only can it save on annual medication costs, but it can cut back your overall healthcare spending by an average of $1,500/patient with less clinic visits, less disability claims and less work days missed.

The test results have the antidepressants, anxiolytics/hypnotics, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers.  With genesight results patient are showing 70% greater improvement in depression symptoms and are twice likely to respond to selected mediations.

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