PRP: Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a natural therapy using a patient’s own blood which contains high levels of platelets containing growth factors especially for acceleration in healing and regeneration.

  • Scalp
  • Eyebrows

Hair Restoration Treatment

Because the platelets contain vital growth hormones, PRP injections are naturally a good fit for stimulating lost hair follicles. The platelets is injected through the region that is thinning/balding which supplies the nutrients it requires to continue growing a thicker, fuller and healthier hair strand. Although there are no large scale clinical studies on this, preliminary evidence exposes PRP therapy as a good fit for hair restoration.

PRP Combined with Micro-needling

This technique penetrates your skin through tiny channels.  PRP partners in this effort to supercharge the micro-needling benefits toward the desired outcome.

Treatment Process

Treatments are generally scheduled 5-6 apart.  Results may vary by individual.

prp hair restoration
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