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Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes which may affect feminine wellness.  A particularly strenuous vaginal birth, or multiple births, can cause stretching of the vagina.  The effects of menopause can also cause physical and functional changes such as excessive dryness.  Both situations can rob women (and their partners) of their sense of well-being and happiness.

Take Back Control

Women don’t want that out-of-control feeling about their bodies; especially when it affects the most intimate part of their lives.  Relationships can be challenging under the best of circumstances; we don’t need our mind and body fighting each other.

How ThermiVa Works

ThermiVa treatments use radio frequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen, without discomfort or downtown. The heat rejuvenates collagen in the vaginal canal and external tissues in just three short sessions, scheduled one month apart.

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3 treatments are scheduled 1 month apart


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A recent study documented multiple benefits for patients who complained about vaginal laxity and other issues associated with vulvovaginal youthfulness and well-being.*